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Canada’s economic action plan has been in place to provide a counter measure to the economic downturn globally. The plan addresses the need to sustain and grow Canadian jobs while the economy recovers. Through a series of infrastructure projects across the country Canada’s Economic Action Plan has broad reaching results from coast to coast to coast.

With many infrastructure projects committed and underway, the time for the second phase of the action plan is now. The focus of phase two of Canada’s Economic Action Plan will be solely on encouraging skilled trades or apprenticeships in those trades. The Canadian Government is investing $40 million per year in the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG). Red seal trade apprentices can now complete the apprenticeship programs with the help of a $2,000 taxable cash grant towards a journeyperson certificate. You can begin applying for the ACG in July 2009 (retroactive to January 2009).

Once you receive your journeyperson certification, you can apply to receive the $2,000 grant. Your trade must be red seal that is recognized by the inter-provincial standards red seal program.

Workers who recently lost their jobs can re-train and apply for open government of Canada jobs and part time positions. An individual who has been laid off or lost their job in the last year may want to explore options for re-training provided by the federal government and match that re-training with a current open posting in the public works field.

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Given the economic state of the world, the Canadian Government has developed an action plan that stretches throughout a number of programs and departments. But the largest part of this plan involves creating tax credits for Canadian citizens.

The tax credits have begun with the home renovation tax credit. The Canadian Government has set aside $3 billion dollars of stimulus to encourage and support Canadians investments in the value of their homes. The home renovation tax credit is available for home renovations or goods acquired after January 27, 2009 and before February 1, 2010. The tax credit will give Canadians a collective incentive to undergo projects centric to their homes.

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